5 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Holiday Without Breaking the Budget

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Spending a holiday in a premium beach resort is probably one of the activities included in the to-do list of any traveler. Given the chance, we would love to bask in pristine waters, white-sand beaches, and vibrant nightlife. But plunging into this kind of trip requires some bucks, and it makes a lot of difference if you know how to make the most of it without breaking the budget. Here’s how:

1. Choose cheaper means of transport.

 Most of the best beaches in town are set on a secluded province or island. And in this case, flights really save you time, but it drains your finances at the same time. The alternative is to take trains, buses, and cars, which are less expensive. Yes, it means spending an extra day or two on the road, but if you treat the journey itself as a part of your vacation, everything will be totally fine.

2.Take advantage of accommodation deals.

Stretch your budget by availing of hotel promos and discounts. Most beach resorts roll out these promotions during the lean season, so watch out for these months. Scoring free breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access, or free shuttle service will save you a few pennies. You can also utilize several hotel amenities that are free of charge, so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s free laundry service or complimentary parking.

3. Share with other beachcombers.

Traveling on your own is often costly, but you can save on lodging and food costs by teaming up with other holidaymakers even if it is only occasional. Several beach resorts provide dorm rooms where you can possibly meet new people and find someone to share your vacation with.

4. Talk to the locals.

 Be friendly and chat with the people who know the place. Ask their recommendations on where to find good and affordable food. And if you get some luck, some locals may even invite you to stay over.

5. Learn to cook for yourself.

Cooking while on a holiday is not a common activity, but it can sometimes be quite enjoyable. Instead of spending some bucks on overpriced meals in a bar or restaurant, opt to prepare your own meals. Go to the grocery store for your ingredients. It’s worth it to take a trip there and get snacks and water since hotels overcharge.

6. Haggle for lower prices.

Know how to barter and negotiate when shopping for souvenirs. Remember that all the prices of goods are doubled and shop owners commonly set their prices a bit higher in a tourist destination. So, try to ask for a lower price or even meet halfway with the seller. Also, don’t stick to just one shop, look at other stores and see if they have lower prices for a particular item that you want to purchase.

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