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What to Pack in Your Beach Bag

Going to the beach is surely exciting. But there are things that you need to prepare for like the sun, the sand, and the shore. So better pack these beach essentials up to ensure a great swim and more. Sun Protection Most activities at ...Read More

Benefits of Scuba Diving

Scuba diving brings together the relaxation of recreational activities and the physical workout of sports much like the underwater world wonderfully marries the calm blue waters and the colorful adventure of marine life. While you learn new skills and experiences, you also enjoy the ...Read More

Beach is Better!

Which is better, a dip in a pool or a swim at the beach? It’s one of the biggest debates among vacationers everywhere, especially during summer where there is no better feeling than being in the water and staying cool. Well, the two are ...Read More

Aquatic Flora in Batangas

If you want an unforgettable diving adventure and an intimate encounter with pristine marine life, you need not go further than a two-hour drive from Manila. Batangas, located in southwestern Luzon –one of the Philippines’ more than 7,000 islands– is home to more than ...Read More