Beach is Better!


Which is better, a dip in a pool or a swim at the beach?

It’s one of the biggest debates among vacationers everywhere, especially during summer where there is no better feeling than being in the water and staying cool. Well, the two are essentially the same, but they are very different in so many ways. Setting aside the obvious differences, let us look at what really sets the two apart.

The first thing that stands out is that beaches are more active than pools. This means that in the beach, there are so many things to do from the get go like beach volleyball, surfing, and ultimate frisbee. At the pool, you cannot do those things. Surfing will require a specialized wave pool and playing volleyball or frisbee at the poolside will get you in trouble with the life guard.

Others would argue that pools offer unique experiences too, like water slides for example. However, not all swimming pools have water slides and not everyone has access to “super fun” water parks. Beaches, on the other hand, have most of the features that can be enjoyed by everybody. One is sand. Sure it gets in your shorts and in your hair, but there’s no feeling like building sand castles or covering one’s self with sand for a silly group photo.

As annoying as it can get to have sand everywhere, kids and adults alike know there’s no substitute to that sensation of sand between their toes while at the beach. Also, for the romantics out there, holding hands with your special someone as you both walk along the shore cannot be replicated by any pool.

Those are just things above the water. Beneath the waves of the beach is just as lively as its sandy shores. With a pair of goggles and a snorkel, you can take a little swim and look down to see the tiny creatures living in the waters you visit. You can even take it up a notch and go diving and see the ocean in its full glory. From colorful fish to swaying corals, there is definitely more to the beach than just water and sand.

There are numerous of things to do at the beach. Be active with sports, be creative with the sand, have an underwater adventure, or simply relax. But more than that, there’s a little something extra the beach has in store. When you’re done swimming, playing around, or grilling a little surf ‘n’ turf, you can sit by the shore alone or with someone special.

At the end of day at the beach, nothing beats seeing the sunset and have those warm colors usher you into the night.

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