From Colourful To Crazy: The Many Underwater Wonders of Batangas

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Only a 3-hour drive south of Manila, Batangas has become a popular destination among tourists and locals for a great weekend getaway from the city. A province rich not only in culture, Batangas prides in its many majestic beaches, from Nasugbu to San Juan and Anilao. Not only that, but a true wonder of the world is, also located in this province.

The smallest volcano in the world, known as the Taal volcano is actually located in Batangas. Aside from being the smallest volcano in the world, it also has a surrounding lake named Taal lake. In this lake is a species of fish endemic to Taal. Sardinella tawilis or simply Tawilis to the locals, is a small but tasty fish that is sought after for its taste and bite-sized quality. However, Batangas is not only for enjoying local delicacies but also for enjoying marine life in its full splendour.

The beaches of Batangas are not only good for swimming and relaxing by the sand, as the province boasts a very diverse ecosystem underneath the waves. Many scuba divers have come long ways to visit the beaches and see the very lively marine that the province has to offer.

From fishes to crustaceans to even slugs and algae, the underwater safari of Batangas is a true gift of nature. For example, the Aegires villouss, a colourful kind of sea slug, has neon colours that makes one forget that it is a slug. Another is a king of fish more known as Ribboned Sweetlips or Plectorhinchus polytaenia, notable for their yellow, black, and white stripes, look more like contemporary art. But, actually, the colours are meant for them to be able to blend in more with the corals around them.

Another majestic creature, though only appear at day time, is the doctor fish that has gray and white tiger stripes and blue fins. Other day time species include the white-patterned wunderpus octopus and the hypnotically coloured mantis shrimps.

In the night time, however, there are even more amazing creatures that can be found like the sinister-looking frogfish. It resembles a sponge as it waits for its prey. Also, there are the ambon scorpionfish and the ghost pipe fish, which both seem odd but look incredibly amazing. Another crustacean that appears really great is the colemani shrimp.

Those are just the few of the many amazing sea creatures one can find in Batangas. Scientists who have visited the province have even said that the vast diversity of sea creatures found in the reefs of Batangas can give the very famous and beautiful Great Barrier Reef of Australia a run for its money, and that’s just from the hundred meters of the area that was explored.  There is so much more; no wonder everyone is coming for a visit.

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