The True Taste of Paradise: El Pinoy Dive and Leisure Resort

Find your own little heavenly slice of sunshine and sweetness, in the form of swirling golden sand, swaying palm trees and the beauty of the unfettered sea, all without abandoning the safety and luxury every discerning traveler is looking for—the best resort in BatangasEl Pinoy, has much to offer the vacationer who wants to marry convenience with exploration, and the wilderness with all the comforts every resort worth its salt should provide. From diving into the deep blue waters, to basking in the warm, tropical sunshine on a lounge chair, El Pinoy has something for everyone going on vacation, making it the perfect choice for any group.

viewing deck

A viewing deck is the perfect place to relax after a day’s worth of fun activities.

Memorable Weekends from the Best Resort in Batangas

What El Pinoy has which many resorts lack—and makes it the best resort in Batangas—is the attention to detail and unfailing commitment to the pleasure of each and every one of its visitors—for the staff and management, you are not a customer, but a guest, honored and given every delight within reach. This means that there will never be a dull moment in this place, only peaceful respites in between one exciting and new activity after another. El Pinoy has included jet-skiing, kayaking and wakeboarding as some of the amazing things that will definitely make your vacation one for the photo albums. The resort is also particularly well-known for its diving facilities, with trained instructors ready to escort you into the heart of the ocean and show you the wonders of coral and fauna that lie beneath it.

pool view from the best resort in batangas

A pool with a breathtaking ocean view.

For those who choose another way to spend their vacation, El Pinoy has an enviable beachfront matched by few in the area, giving you a chance to have a game of cards or enjoy a cooling cocktail by the sea, with a glorious sunset as the perfect backdrop for an evening of relaxation. They also offer massage services for those who need to unwind, a lounge and a café for light snacks and recreation, as well as a game room. After enjoying a hearty meal from its many dining offerings and plentiful buffet table, you can choose to watch a movie, surf the internet with the resort’s Wi-Fi connection, or simply rest in the soft, fluffy beds provided in every room, so you can wake up to another day of leisurely good times.

Convenience and Coziness, All In One Gorgeous Beachside Package

Located in Anilao, Batangas, El Pinoy is only a couple of hours away from Manila, saving you the trouble of a weary bus ride up rough terrain, or the expense and uncertainty of booking a flight. Don’t spend all your time traveling, when you can be using your precious hours drinking in all the sights and pleasures that the beach can offer you! Quality service, a lovely ambiance thanks to its Spanish-Filipino aesthetic, and sincere dedication to being the best resort in Batangas, and your number one choice for a vacation spot, whether it’s for a long, hot summer or a weekend treat to reward yourself after work. Why look at the rest, when you can choose the best? El Pinoy Dive and Leisure Resort is ready to welcome you to paradise!

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