Lomi, Bulalo, and 5 Other Famous Delicacies in Anilao and in Other Towns of Batangas

Fulfilling your much awaited tropical getaway in Anilao opens myriad opportunities to enjoy a slew of fantastic nature trips and jam-packed adventures. Seasoned travelers keep coming back on this side of Batangas, Philippines because of the paradise-like beauty of this sanctuary. But if you happen to be a first-time visitor, your holiday will be even more unforgettable by knowing the products that are best purchased here. So, read on to get some information about the finest delicacies in this locale:

1. Kapeng Barako

Image Credit: 2.bp

Image Credit: 2.bp

Considered as the most popular Batangas product, kapeng barako is a local brew from the Liberica coffee variety. It is prepared using a coffee-maker or by simply pouring hot water unto the beans and straining the mixture using a piece of cloth. Kapeng barako is usually sweetened with brown sugar or honey. Commonly served black, this world-class brew can be used to make espresso-based drinks.

2. Bulalo


Aside from coffee, Batangas is known for its bulalo. Regarded as the signature dish of the province, bulalong Batangas (or bone marrow soup) has beef shank boiled in water with garlic, black pepper, onions, and salt. It also has some vegetables, like cabbage and potatoes.

3. Loming Batangas

loming batangas

Trips in Batangas will never be complete without having a taste of the well-known Batangas lomi. This savory noodle dish has different versions on various places of the province. So better not miss Anilao’s recipe when you visit this part of Batangas.

4. Panutsa


For those who love sweets, this delicacy is a must-buy. Known as the province’s own version of peanut brittle, panutsa is made of caramelized brown sugar and whole peanuts. You can easily purchase this flat disc-shaped snack for it is available in all pasalubong centers and bus terminals in Batangas.

5. Tapang Taal

tapang taal

Tapang Taal is prepared by marinating the pork in soy sauce with lots of garlic, calamansi, and pepper. Either fried or grilled, the combined sweetness and garlicky taste of this delectable dish is truly irresistible. This mouthwatering viand is best paired with fried rice and kapeng barako

6. Bagoong Balayan

Bagoong Balayan - 2

Just like any other bagoong, this Balayan specialty is a saline product achieved by partial fermentation. Made from the best tasting fish in town, most bagoong Balayan are made from dilis (Stolephorus commersonii) or galunggong (Decapterus macrosoma). It is brownish in color and smells funny, but it tastes like cheese. This delicacy is a common sauce for fish and a salt substitute in Balayan Caesar salad dressing and other vegetables.

7. Tawilis


Tawilis is a freshwater fish that is endemic in Taal Lake. It is usually deep-fried and served with bagoong Balayan and green mangoes. It is crispy yet its bones are soft. A lot of restaurants in Tagaytay offer tawilis dishes but these fish all come from Batangas, which is why these dishes are usually overpriced. But in Anilao and other neighboring towns, tawilis is relatively cheap.

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